.barcelona is a new internet domain that allows you to introduce yourself to the world by stating your links with Barcelona. The City Council has created the .barcelona domain as an internet identifier for anyone who wishes to have an online presence associated with the city's name.

.barcelona operated the same way as other familiar domains (.com, .org, .cat and .es). All internet domains are accessible from any computer connected to the internet. You can have your webpage or email address under the .barcelona name.

The domain is open to everyone. Every association, enterprise, individual and authority that has any connection with Barcelona or activity within its area of influence may register their domains under .barcelona.

At any time. Registration is free as from 21 March. If the domain you want is available, you can register it without any restrictions.

Yes, names may be freely registered, provided they meet user terms and conditions and do not infringe any third-party rights. Bear in mind that any name you wish to register under has to have at least 3 characters.

The minimum registration price is 40 euros.
Domains must be registered through authorised registrars, who will establish the final public sale price according to the services associated with the registered domain.

.barcelona is a Barcelona domain while .cat is a Catalan domain. The .barcelona domain is used for identifying online content relating to Barcelona while the ".cat" domain will serve to identify content in Catalan specifically for a Catalan-speaking public.
Both domains are compatible but they meet different needs and are aimed at types of public that do not necessarily coincide.

.barcelona domains can have content in any language.

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