Uses of the domain

Everyone who has ties with the ".barcelona" community can register for its domain.
Whether it’s a personal website, event, association or enterprise, you can show your ties to Barcelona through your website domain and email.

Has to have uses and activities that are:

generally accepted as legitimate

beneficial for the cause and values of the ".barcelona" community

compatible with the work and importance of the name of the registered domain

in good faith as of the time of registration and thereafter

Register applicants must explain the use they intend to make of the name of the registered domain. A false declaration of intended use is a sign of bad faith and may lead to the domain name being suspended.


Once registered, the ".barcelona" domain name must be capable of demonstrating for the rest of its life that none of the above-mentioned negative aspects applies. Community ties are subject to subsequent validation under an extensive plug-in programme that is based on the same criteria as the TLD.


The strength of the validation has to be in accordance with the importance of the underlying domain name, based on what an average user would reasonably do in the context of this domain name.


The ".barcelona" general registry regulations shall apply to all aspects of the registration, even where they are not specifically provided for in these launch regulations.

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