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Ivan Jewelry

A company that is devoted to the import, manufacture and wholesale of silver jewellery. In the store you can find 925-silver items and a workshop where all kinds of assembly are made to customise jewellery.

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Bausa flors
Paperería Lorente

Shop specializing in the sale of office supplies in Barcelona.

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Anna Puig
Rosas Barcelona

It was born in Barcelona in 1987. Emedis designs and creates jewels made 100% in Barcelona. The pieces are created using tools like laser machines or 3D printers.

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Pelai Centre

Associació Pelai Centre i Rodalies is a historical entity of Barcelona whose objective is to defend its commerce and promote the economic dynamization and the social interests of its establishments.

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Associació Passeig de Gràcia

The Asociación del Passeig de Gracia de Barcelona is one of Barcelona’s oldest commerce and neighborhood associations. Its aim is to safeguard and promote the interests of its members and to watch out for the good upkeep of the avenue.

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Botigues obertes
Aglaya Barcelona

Sustainable project that was born focusing on the design of custom clothing, for any type of woman and with zero waste production, always taking care of the environment.

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La Casa de las Lámparas

La Casa de las Lámparas features four shops in Barcelona, where there are plenty of lights of all styles and tastes. Our team of professionals advise those interested to achieve well-lit design spaces.

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