What is the .barcelona top-level domain?

The generic top-level domain that identifies your website or email address with the name of your city

  • Associate yourself with a great city.

    Associating yourself with Barcelona will bring you opportunities inside and outside the city. Link Barcelona’s values to your digital initiative.

  • Join the online community

    The .barcelona domain gives an online voice to projects in the city. Join Barcelona's online community with your own voice.

  • From Barcelona to the world

    The .barcelona domain has no language or geographical borders. Furthermore, it helps obtain a better position in searches made specifically about Barcelona.

  • The domain extension is the final part of a website name, accessible from any device connected to the internet.

  • .barcelona works in the same way as other TLDs you are already familiar with (.com, .org, .cat, .es).

  • The .barcelona domain accepts all characters used in both Catalan and Spanish.

Barcelona’s attributes

Barcelona’s combination of attributes makes it unique and identifies its capabilities and potential.

Barcelona is known as being an attractive and diverse city not just for visiting and living in but also for working, learning, investing or launching a business. An innovative, dynamic, creative and talented city that is also inclusive and supportive. It is a perfect combination of a global and local city that is well known for its quality of life, and the .barcelona domain aims to speak on its behalf.

The city consists of 73 neighbourhoods and has a population of over one and a half million. The neighbourhoods are its territory, and its people are the driver of a city that enjoys challenges and is connected with digital progress, entrepreneurship and social, collaborative and smart platforms and initiatives to meet those challenges.

The city’s brand is recognised all over the world and, despite not being a capital city, it is up there with the ten most international cities, such as London, Berlin, Paris, New York, Rome or Amsterdam. We compete with these world capitals, and we do so by emphasising a clear idea based on the way we are and the way we do things, a way of working and living.

Against this background, the .barcelona domain is particularly appealing not just for innovative projects, local businesses, brands and initiatives based in the city but also for projects seeking to break into the Barcelona market.

For projects in Barcelona, yourproject.barcelona.


  • What is .barcelona?
    .barcelona is a new internet domain that allows you to introduce yourself to the world by stating your links with Barcelona. The City Council has created the .barcelona domain as an internet identifier for anyone who wishes to have an online presence associated with the city’s name.
  • How does it work?
    .barcelona operated the same way as other familiar domains (.com, .org, .cat and .es). All internet domains are accessible from any computer connected to the internet. You can have your webpage or email address under the .barcelona name.
  • Who can register under .barcelona?
    The domain is open to anyone. .barcelona domains are open to all entities, organisations and businesses, as well as freelancers, private individuals or public administrations wishing to be associated with Barcelona or that carry out an activity in its area of influence.
  • Can I register under any name?
    Yes, name registration is available to anyone provided that the registration regulations are complied with and no third-party rights are infringed. Please note that, in order to be registered, names must be at least three characters long.
  • How much does “.barcelona” cost?
    The minimum registration price is 20 euros.
    Domains must be registered through authorised registrars, who will establish the final public sale price according to the services associated with the registered domain.
  • What language does .barcelona content have to be in?
    .barcelona domains can have content in any language.


If you want to register a domain .barcelona you have to do it through a registered company. Compare here the products offered by the registered registrars of .barcelona and choose the one you are most interested in.