What is the .barcelona top-level domain?

The generic top-level domain that identifies your website or email address with the name of your city

  • Back city projects.

    Investing in .barcelona means investing in the city project, as all profits are put back into creating new projects with a social impact.

  • Associate yourself with a great city.

    Associating yourself with Barcelona will bring you opportunities inside and outside the city. Link Barcelona’s values to your digital initiative.

  • Appear on the digital map.

    The .barcelona TLD is different and has personality. Show that your business is too and boost your national and international presence.

  • The domain extension is the final part of a website name, accessible from any device connected to the internet.

  • .barcelona works in the same way as other TLDs you are already familiar with (.com, .org, .cat, .es).

  • You can use .barcelona to identify your website or email address with the name of your city.


Barcelona has a combination of attributes that make it unique and an attractive, diverse city, not only to live in and visit, but also to work, study, invest or set up business. In short, a city that offers everything required during the different stages of life, and the .barcelona domain seeks to become its voice.

The city is made up of 73 districts and over one and a half inhabitants. The districts form the land and the neighbours the driving force behind a city that likes challenges, and that connects with innovation, digital progress, and entrepreneurship, with collaborative and intelligent initiatives and social platforms to tackle them.

An internationally famous brand that, despite not being a capital city, competes with the top 10 cities worldwide, including London, Berlin, Paris, New York, Rome and Amsterdam. We are able to compete with these world capitals by highlighting a clear idea that responds to a way of being and doing, a way of work and of life.

Internationally, another voice behind the city’s reputation and that supports the .barcelona domain involves the project Always Barcelona, a cordial initiative that integrates citizens, businesses, organisations and institutions as the voices of a global, open and innovative Barcelona.


  • What is .barcelona?

    .barcelona is a new internet domain that allows you to introduce yourself to the world by stating your links with Barcelona. The City Council has created the .barcelona domain as an internet identifier for anyone who wishes to have an online presence associated with the city’s name.

  • How does it work?

    .barcelona operated the same way as other familiar domains (.com, .org, .cat and .es). All internet domains are accessible from any computer connected to the internet. You can have your webpage or email address under the .barcelona name.

  • Who can register under .barcelona?

    The domain is open to everyone. Every association, enterprise, individual and authority that has any connection with Barcelona or activity within its area of influence may register their domains under .barcelona.

  • When can I register my domain under .barcelona?

    At any time. Registration is free as from 21 March. If the domain you want is available, you can register it without any restrictions.

  • Can I register under any name?

    Yes, names may be freely registered, provided they meet user terms and conditions and do not infringe any third-party rights. Bear in mind that any name you wish to register under has to have at least 3 characters.

  • How much does “.barcelona” cost?

    The minimum registration price is 20 euros.
    Domains must be registered through authorised registrars, who will establish the final public sale price according to the services associated with the registered domain.

  • What language does .barcelona content have to be in?

.barcelona domains can have content in any language.

  • For what are the profits from .barcelona earmarked?

By purchasing a .barcelona domain, you are helping reduce the digital gap of the more vulnerable districts in the city. The profits earned by Barcelona City Council for managing the .barcelona domain are reinvested in its residents through a training programme to promote the empowering of groups of youngsters from the districts and to reduce the digital gap.


Here you can check all regulations regarding the domain .barcelona

  1. Politica de registre pdf 167 KB
  2. Politica de resolucio de disputes durant el periode de sunrise pdf 103 KB


If you want to register a domain .barcelona you have to do it through a registered company. Compare here the products offered by the registered registrars of .barcelona and choose the one you are most interested in.