.barcelona is a city of women

Streets, squares and parks are named after men in most cities in the world. So what’s the story with women? US artist and writer Rebecca Solnit pondered this and came up with the “City of Women” project in 2019, symbolically renaming all the subway stations in New York. London followed suit in 2022 and Barcelona is doing the same to mark 8M, International Women’s Day, with ciutatdedones.barcelona.

The project “Barcelona, ciutat de dones” highlights the extraordinary contribution of many women who have left their mark in different spheres in our city and society. Writers, activists, teachers, singers, actresses, doctors and others have all symbolically given their names to stations on the metro network and urban stops on the FGC train network.

We’ve also given women a greater presence among the city’s street names in all districts. Barcelona now has Plaça de Valerie Powles, Carrer de Lola Iturbe and the Jardins de Carme Claramunt.At ciutatdedones.barcelona you can retrace the history of these women and read their biographies. Are you familiar with Josefa Vilaret, Dolors Aleu or Pilar Aymerich? Discover their stories. Start your journey around the City of Women #CiutatdeDones.