The .barcelona domain is ‘Orgullosa’

Barcelona is a place for celebrating and asserting LGBTI rights and freedoms in June, as the city marks International Pride Day. You’ll find full details about the programme on the website orgullosa.barcelona.

“Orgull de barri” (neighbourhood pride) fills the city with over a hundred intergenerational, transfeminist and intersectional activities. The city’s museums are also joining in, as “Orgull de museus” (museum pride) sees them reinterpret their spaces and collections from an LGBTI perspective through exhibitions, guided tours and workshops.

The celebrations culminate on 28 June with the second Orgullosa concert, to be held this year at the Moll de la Fusta wharf, celebrating diversity, love, dissidence, bodily diversity and LGBTI pride.

Don’t miss a thing at orgullosa.barcelona!