.barcelona in the neighborhoods

The .barcelona training programme in the city’s neighbourhoods was an initiative promoted by Barcelona City Council and Fundació.cat. Its main goal was to promote digital projects in the neighbourhoods that foster cooperation between young people and local organisations, social groups and shops. The participating neighbourhoods were initially part of the Barcelona Neighbourhood Plan, a programme of cross-cutting measures in education, the economy, housing, urban planning, social rights and culture, implemented with the collaboration of local people in the areas with the most socio-economic difficulties: the neighbourhoods around the Besòs river, the mountain areas and the coast.

The projects in the first edition (2017-2018) focused on organising digital training workshops for young people between the ages of 12 and 25, who were involved in a youth group with its roots in the neighbourhood or with social organisations providing a return for their local neighbourhood.

How did projects get going?

These young people agreed with an entity, group or shop in their neighbourhood to develop a digital project for them, based on a .barcelona domain. The project responded to a real need in the territory and had to be developed using open-source software with a Creative Commons licence.

What projects were developed?

Three projects were launched:

JO+VE, a community-based social project promoting healthy leisure among young people in the neighbourhood of La Verneda and La Pau. 

Pelukitas, a group of young people in the Trinitat Vella neighbourhood looking to break away from gender stereotypes and create a space for networking and reflection between local youngsters through audio-visual materials.  

Nocyberbullying, was a project by a group of young people in the neighbourhood of El Besòs i el Maresme to combat cyber-bullying and provide support and tools for youngsters who were victims of it.  

Other projects

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