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“We want to reduce the digital divide in the city’s sports sector”

We spoke about the project elmeuclubesportiu.barcelona with Verònica Sanz, a leading figure in the .barcelona domain from Barcelona City Council, and Manuela Becerra, country manager for Nominalia.

Elmeuclubesportiu.barcelona is a digitalisation project to provide professional websites for sports organisations and clubs in the city which still haven’t got a website or have one which is obsolete.

“At the .barcelona domain we reinvest part of the profits in social impact projects with the goal of digitalising specific sectors in the city where we know there is a digital divide”, notes Verònica Sanz.

So far the focus has been on local commerce with the project elmeucomerç.barcelona,  which offered a fast and free process for small shops and businesses to get a professional website with a .barcelona domain.

This project is possible thanks to the collaboration of the domain registration company Nominalia. Their country manager, Manuela Becessa, explains that: “Helping others go digital is in our DNA, it’s what we try to do every day. But it’s very important to work with the City Council, which has the possibility of reaching sectors that by themselves might not ever contact a registration company to register a domain”.

The application period for sports clubs and organizations without a website to take part in the project elmeuclubesportiu.barcelona and get a professional website with a .barcelona domain ends on 31 December 2023.

More information on this project can be found on the information page.